• Accessibility Events

    “By choosing to have the ‘accessible experience’ deviate from the ‘real website,’ we end up drawing a sharper line between those two definitions, and we nudge the ‘accessible experience’ closer to an afterthought—limited and frustratingly out-of-sync with the ‘real’ website, like so many dedicated mobile sites quickly became.”

    As always, @wilto’s writing is a masterpiece.


  • Dr. Katie Bouman

    I’ll add another well deserved note of admiration of Dr. Katie Bouman’s recent work.

    I love how the real key computer science breakthroughs come from women, while men seem to waste time building pointless shit.

    I just wish the men didn’t soak up all of the admiration.

    ‪But sure, bro, I’d love to see your new crypto project.

  • Computer science all the things

    The computer science onslaught of the web over recent years probably makes it a much less exciting place for someone who comes at it from a creative background.

    I know that’s certainly the case for me, anyway.

    I know I certainly would have bailed out if I had entered the web community within the last few years.

    The ease of entry and creativity is what got me hooked.

  • Split

    “There’s a second-order effect. By making React—or even JavaScript in general—a requirement for styling something on a web page, the barrier to entry is raised.”

    A must read by @adactio