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I’m no longer looking for a new role

Thanks to everyone who helped me during this process. It’s super appreciated. I've decided to go freelance, so I’m currently taking on design, front-end development and accessibility projects for 2019.

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What I’m looking for

I'm looking for a design and / or front-end development role. I'd love to work in a product team that has a focus on user experience and accessibility.

Ideally, the product team would work on something that makes a genuinely positive impact on the people that use it and the team don’t use manipulation tactics to increase engagement.

I’d love to work in a design and UX focused role, rather than a technical role. I love working with prototypes and small, light concepts, so anything orientated towards that would be great.

I'm really up for working with you if:

  • You have a diverse team with diverse leadership
  • You are profitable and not reliant on funding
  • You pay well and provide generous holiday and sickness allowances
  • You cover health insurance for me and my family
  • You offer a remote role and have established remote procedures and workflows
  • You support a flexible work day. 9-5 is not ideal for me
  • You encourage work on personal side-projects, articles and talks by providing on-the-clock time to do them
  • You provide a training and / or a conference budget
  • You provide a generous tech budget for workstation and related accessory costs
  • You pay your staff fairly with no wage discrimination
  • Your interview process involves no whiteboards or Fizz Buzz

Where I’d like to work

Ideally, I'd like to work remotely, exclusively at this time. I'm cool with infrequent travel to HQ and team meet ups though. I'm currently based in the U.K. and I'm happy to work for a company in any country.

If your role is only or partly in-house, I'd be willing to consider a truly exceptional package and / or a truly exceptional product or cause.

About me

I started designing and building websites as a hobby in 2006 with a trusty copy of ‘Dreamweaver 8 Design and Construction’. My interest levels really peaked when I discovered that you could modify the look and feel of your MySpace page and build free GeoCities sites.

In my years of working in this industry I have been lucky enough to work with great brands such as Harley-Davidson®, Sky, British Cycling, the NHS and Oracle. Working with these organisations has allowed me to work on exciting and challenging projects at scale.

I love to focus my time on building lightweight, progressively enhanced user-first products. I try hard to make sure that everything I build is accessible and user-friendly. I'm not fussed about "hot new tech" unless it proves itself to be useful in delivering a quality experience to a user.

You can see what I'm currently doing on my now page.


I have worked as a professional designer and developer on the web since 2009. During this time I've worked in a variety of companies which include agencies and product teams.

Notable projects I was involved with

  • A dealer platform that initially rolled out as 120 sites in over 20 languages for Harley-Davidson®. This ended up being the basis for a now very successful, global dealer platform product.
  • A cycling social network for Sky and British Cycling which had hundreds of thousands of active members.
  • A practice management app that powered thousands of private practices along with many NHS practices. It serviced thousands of active users and patients per day and the design system that I created for them continues to power a desktop app, a web-based online booking system and a native iOS and Android app.
  • A complete redesign and rebuild of the largest online bass guitar learning platform, Scott’s Bass Lessons. We made it easier for thousands of active users to discover, consume and track learning material. We also helped to make their famous and incredibly busy forum integrate seamlessly with the brand new platform.

Notable open source and side projects

  • Boilerform is a CSS and HTML form base-point that helps take the headache of working with forms away
  • My Browser is a small, Node-powered progressive web app that gives support and QA folks detailed information about a user's browser in a friendly, shareable way
  • Beedle is a Vanilla JavaScript state management system that's inspired by Redux, MobX and Vuex
  • Dev Pal is a small website where a beginner developer can come along and ask me a question
  • TypeMate is a little script that removes orphans from your content

Notable articles that I've written recently

You can view a select archive of my writing here.


I have experience with: User Experience design, User Interface Design, Accessibility, HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, React, Vue, Craft CMS and WordPress.

Nice things that people have said about me

Image of Joni Trythall

Working with Andy was a dream. It’s not especially common to come across someone so down to earth and easy to communicate with. He has a knack for making people feel comfortable and informed while producing stellar work to boot.

Image of Spadge Nunn

Andy’s hunger to constantly improve on his skills and knowledge makes him one of the best developers I’ve ever worked with. He has single handedly designed and built software that’s saved users hours of time and stress. He’s also very good at explaining his process to those of us who lack the same expertise!

Image of Bob Bond

Andy worked with us for 18 months and during this time he re-aligned our thinking about design, UX and accessibility. He contributed positively to the team both intellectually and informally and was a great asset during a critical period in WriteUpp’s development.

Andy helped us without a whole host of new features and improvements within our desktop (web-based product) but his crowning glory was the work he did on our nascent iOS and Android mobile apps. Even now (a few years later) they remain largely unchanged because they totally hit the spot for our users. The design is clean, functional and extremely simple for novice users to pick up.

Image of Tom Morris

I had the pleasure of working with Andy back in the early days. There was always a strong desire to do the best and to evolve his skills, as well as being someone you can talk through ideas with. I’ve been keeping a keen eye on what he’s been up to over the years, more recently he’s become a real vocal figurehead in the community helping others with projects like devpal.io, mybrowser.fyi and producing tutorials that make even complicated things seem simple. He’d be a great asset to any team.

Image of Zach Leatherman

I consider myself to be a superfan of Andy’s blog and personal projects and I would jump at the chance to work with him. He clearly values good relationships with his colleagues and also how to make pragmatic decisions with a progressive tech stack.

Image of Stephen Shaw

Andy is extremely kind and motivated. A self-starter that can take rough ideas and turn them into reality. Andy takes feedback well and is a downright pleasure to work with.

Image of Dan Davies

I’ve never worked with or met Andy in the flesh, but I can safely say he’s a dev who knows what he is doing. I remember him in the early days starting out but over time, he’s developed (get it) into a dev who’s not only doing, but helping others in their journey and always with a smile on his face. Follow him, listen to him and if you ever need to, hire him.

Get in touch

I'd love to talk to you if you think we could make awesome stuff together. The best way to contact me is via me@andy-bell.design.

You can also find me on CodePen, GitHub or Twitter.