Week Notes 6

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Not much to report this week. I’ve mostly been writing CSS, so I’ve been happy.

I did give up on working at home most of the time, this week. I’ve really struggled to concentrate and motivate myself properly since Cassie was born. I first thought that it was mild burnout from the horrors of looking for a new job mixed with sleep deprivation in September, but I think the root cause is that I’m easily distracted.

I’ve hired a desk at my pal’s studio, Element, in Cheltenham. I hope it will result in me working less hours in the day as I’ll do much more focused bursts while I’m there. That’s always been the aim since I went back to freelancing: work less hours, but do better work.

I’m also going to spend less time on Twitter and Slack, too. My morale is so easily drained at the moment and Twitter bullshit just doesn’t help. The problem, too with being in so many Slack communities is that it’s really tempting to get involved with conversations instead of working. I’d love a way of having two Slack apps running on one machine. One for clients and the other for personal stuff. If anyone has managed that, let me know.

I think I might look into some focus apps that block certain sites between a certain time period for both my Mac and Phone. Again, if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know on Twitter (ironically).

Have a good week, pals!

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